Wholesale Braun Thermoscan 7 irt6520 irt6030 irt3030 irt4020

We are a distributor of wholesale Braun Thermoscan 7 irt6520, irt6030, irt3030 and irt4020 with limitless stock availability. We supply Braun Thermoscan to retailers and other wholesale suppliers around the world at a near manufacturing price rate. Shipping is always done through airways and orders are shipped within 48 hours of order confirmation.

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Reasons To Buy Wholesale Braun Thermoscan From Us

We are serving both retailers and wholesalers from countries all around the world. Our pricing module is based on a commission base from the manufacturer that is why we have one of the best wholesale pricing in the market. We deal directly with the manufacturer and all orders are processed in real-time usually between 24 to 48 hours after order confirmation. We will ship all orders within 72 hours of order confirmation and below are some of the few reasons buying braun thermoscan 7 from us will profit your business.

Original Product Quality

Every single shipment from us is guaranteed with original product delivery. We never compromise on quality as we intend to always keep our customers happy.

Faster Order Processing

All orders of braun thermoscan 7 wholesale are processed usually between 24hrs to 48hrs. This is because we do not want to waste or slow down the business process of our customers

Quick Shipping Time

Our shipping process is within 24 hours after an order has been processed and ready for dispatch at our facility. We then inform our customers immediately we proceed with the shipment of their orders. This way we always keep our customers informed about every step of their shipment as well as making sure their easy flow of braun thermoscan orders are shipped in time without any delay.

Door To Door Delivery

We know the difficulties both small and larger scale importers always face with customs. Either there is too much paperwork that needs to be done or there is a complicated process to clear the goods from the customs. So that is why we handle all the hard work and complicated process with our customs and the customs at the delivery destination. Customers do not need to do anything else order than wait for their shipment at their warehouse address or delivery address without any additional cost.

Order Cancellation

All orders can be canceled within 72 to 96 hours after shipment has been complicated and a full refund will be issued to the customers within 48 hours of cancellation submission. Order cancellation can be through a phone call, WhatsApp, email or formal letter.

Return Policy

Our return policy is very simple and easy because we take care of the delivery cost for returns which means our customers do not need to incur any cost by doing so. We will arrange with a courier to pick the packages from our customer’s warehouse. Note: Return is only possible if there is a damaged package(s) in the shipment which happened during the shipment. Return of the braun thermoscan 7 is also possible if the product shipped does not match the description or the order received. Lastly, a return is possible if the shipment arrives late due to the courier’s fault or due to our own making.

Details of Our Braun Thermoscan 7 irt6520 Wholesale

Braun ThermoScan with a professional accuracy - Trust this thermometer brand that 8 out of 10 doctors always recommend.

Patented Age Precision technology - The age dependent setting of the fever thresholds with color-coded display and night light

The Patented preheated measuring tip for gentle measurement and professional accuracy always prevents the temperature in the ear from cooling down due to its robe

An ExacTemp positioning aid

Includes 2 AA Duracell batteries, a storage box, and 21 hygienic disposable protective caps

wholesale braun thermoscan 7 irt6520 irt6030 irt3030 irt4020

Description of Our Braun Thermoscan 7 irt6520 For Sale

Age Precision is used for age-related setting of fever thresholds. With this technology, you can select the age of the child (0–3 months, 3–36 months and 36 months to adulthood) and use the color-coded display with backlighting to quickly and easily measure the measured value for each person Interpret age.

Pre-heated measuring tip and ExacTemp
By inserting the measuring tip, the measuring area in the ear is cooled, which results in fluctuating measured values. The measuring tip of the ThermoScan, on the other hand, is preheated and thus ensures professional accuracy. Thanks to the preheated measuring tip, the thermometer makes measuring a more pleasant experience, especially for the little ones, and is suitable for measuring in newborns.

Night light
The Braun ThermoScan 7 is equipped with a large LCD display and night light, which simplifies reading the temperature in the dark and reduces the risk of waking the child during the measurement

Hygienic disposable protective caps
The protective caps are designed in such a way that they can be easily exchanged between each use and time-consuming cleaning of the probe is not necessary. Use a hygienic disposable protective cap with every measurement to:
(1) to enable hygienic measurement. (2) Protect your child from cross contamination. (3) ensure that cerumen residues do not affect the accuracy of the measurement

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Do You Have Some Questions Regarding Braun Thermoscan Delivery?

If you still have some questions that you couldn't find the answers on here please feel free to send your inquiry and we would be happy to send you more details regarding the order process and delivery of Braun Thermoscan. You can also find more information on the frequently asked questions section below. These are the most common questions we get from our customers.


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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Braun Thermoscan Delivery?

What's The Minimum Order Quantity?

We only accept orders from 1000 units upward. The minimum order quantity is 1000 pcs because we can only supply in bulk at our manaufacturing wholesale prices.

How Long is the Order Processing Time?

All orders are processed and make available within 48 hours of order confirmation. Orders from 80000 pcs can be processed within 72 hours.

What is the means of Shipment?

We ship all orders to your customers through airway to ensure that they get their orders as fast as possible.

Does the product have certifications?

These Braun thermoscan are original quality and have the CE mark with a certificate of conformity and all shipment comes with the certificate of origins.

Where can we ship to?

We can ship to any known destination in the world and the delivery is always door to door which gives our clients peace of mind. Customers just need to confirm their order, relax and receive their shipments at their delivery warehouse address.